Plans that scale as your data needs grow.

Our pricing is transparent, it's easy to calculate what you will pay and there are no hidden costs.

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1,000 requests/month & 1 concurrency limit.



  • 20,000 Requests
  • 5 Concurrency

Additional Requests

$0.875 per 1,000



  • 50,000 Requests
  • 10 Concurrency

Additional Requests

$0.625 per 1,000



  • 150,000 Requests
  • 25 Concurrency
  • Higher Volume Discount

Additional Requests

$0.375 per 1,000

All plans

All plans include our core features



  • Zero-setup
  • Proxies
  • JavaScript Rendering

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a "request" mean?

Each plan includes a certain amount of requests per month. A single request is counted for each URL you ask trove to fetch for you. Every request includes proxies and javascript rendering, you can disable javascript rendering for faster page loads.

Once you reach your request cap for the month, you will be charged based on further usage per 1,000 requests depending on your pricing plan.

What happens to unused requests?

Unused requests do not roll over to the next billing period, this is due to capacity planning and ensuring our service remains stable.

You will be billed for any extra usage depending on your selected plan at the end of your billing cycle.

Pricing is transparent and there are no hidden costs, you can easily calculate what you will be billed for, you can also see usages and expected costs in your dashboard.