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Scrape and Automate the Web right in your Browser.

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Built to work on any website

Powerful SelectorsAccurate selectors
Powerful SelectorsEasy to use
Powerful SelectorsExport data
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Powerful SelectorsUnlimited Usage
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The Trove Agent chrome extension makes it easy to scrape data from any website and can even automate your browser. Just point and click to generate advanced element selectors in both CSS and XPath. Make use of advanced automated pagination controls and export in CSV & JSON.

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Easy to use

Just point & click to scrape the web, filter to narrow down relevant elements or focus on a single element from the page.

  • Point and click selector engine
  • Add custom selectors
  • Supports CSS & XPath
  • Pay once and use forever

Scrape all the data

Need content from more than one page? Just select the next page link and Trove Agent will navigate between pages.

  • Navigate all pages
  • Skip pages
  • Stop at specific page

Export in multiple formats

Quickly export your scraped data in CSV or JSON format.

  • CSV supported
  • JSON supported

Buy once, use forever.

Get a license from us for activation and download the extension from the Google Chrome Store. You'll get free updates, bug fixes and any improvements we make.